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Why Highland Accordions

Which accordion? Piano or button ? diatonic or chromatic ? 48,72,96 or 120 bass ? How many voices ?  What type of reeds?  Which manufacturer?


Imagine being able to try many different possibilities, the weight, the feel, the sound. The different manufacturers, the fabled boxes from yesteryear.......


We do not ask you to imagine, we ask you to let your own physical senses be your judge (along with your wallet or partner) and that way, you can keep your imagination for your music.


Simply pick it up and play it, and if you need, every aspect of what your'e holding can be explained or shown to you, and if you do need modifications, alterations, you damage a key or a reed sticks, be rest assured that we have the ability, stock and ingenuity to carry that task out ourselves. 




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