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Wooden accordions are a misunderstood and mis-portrayed instrument by many. Plywood or laminated wood built accordions are just normally aspirated accordions without a celluloid covering. Aesthetically they can appear appealing and there is a distinctly muted sound which lends itself to drier folk tuning without the shrunk wrapped protection and acoustic properties of a thick tightening celluloid skin. However due to this they cannot impart that 'ring' when reproducing a full Scottish musette.

Just like acoustic guitars the lower end models are produced in laminate or plywood but the top class instruments have a solid wood 'top' using tonewoods carefully matured and selected to not only enhance the sound but continue to do so as the instrument ages. For this reason the wooden accordions we stock and help design are made from real solid wood using manufactures of distinction with time honoured experience in this specialised production using matured, seasoned and therefore most importantly stable timbers. Brandoni & Sons for instance only use the highest essence of wood that has matured a minimum 20 years.

The particular solid woods used affect the end resonance, timbre, depth and clarity of the instrument whether Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Alder, Walnut etc., and they must really be compared to appreciate their different tonal textures, though they all have in common the depth and clarity that solid wood distinctly creates in the lower bass frequencies.       

Specific model details can be found under our individual manufactures pages selectable from the 'Accordions' button drop down menu at the head of the page.

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