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Budget accordions can be a nightmare. We do not stock new budget accordions but we offer pre-owned modified cheaper accordions that we correct the inherent flaws, as far as is practically possible. We also offer older good quality accordions that are refurbished and vastly superior to the Eastern European and Far Eastern products but at a similar price. 

We now think that there sadly seems to be a trend to grossly inflate the price of certain eastern European models to give the impression they must be good. This gives the seller big profit margins and allows them to offer tutors big commissions for recommending them.

 We advise customers to check the value of those makes on well known 'second hand goods for sale' sites on the internet. Many are alarmed at the depreciation of some of those instruments, some losing up to 80 % of there value when only a few years old, some even virtually unable to be resold ! Such is the depreciation of certain models that we are led to believe sellers even offer a full refund of the new purchase price when upgrading to a 'quality instrument' later ! This underlines the possible profit margins being made and also cleverly ties the buyer to seller as otherwise his initial investment is almost worthless.

Further to this we have encountered customers who claim to have been sold new instruments that may not be as they were  led to believe they were, i.e. with hand made or hand type reeds, being made in a certain country when all or part of the manufacturing is carried out in cheaper labour areas of the world, and also pre-owned instruments with refurbishment work claimed to be done that is not so. We offer free surveys on any instrument to ascertain any of the aforementioned possible discrepancies and hopefully just to put a customers mind at rest. Thankfully there are still many more reputable sellers than those not so.  

Budget Accordions

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