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5 year warranty on all new & pre-owned accordions

The largest range of Scottish & folk tuned quality accordions available anywhere. "An Accordion Paradise"

Our range of new accordions all come from proven high quality world renowned manufactures established at least 30 years who use only 100 % Italian materials & labour, having their factories located in the heart of accordion production in the Castelfidardo area. All of our 'Magnificent Seven' are Italian family owned, where pride & quality come first and not run by accountants or boards of directors where profit margins are paramount.

We do not stock new accordions of Far Eastern or Eastern European manufacture due to quality and depreciation issues.  

Open Saturdays only 10am-4pm

Any other day by appointment. Tel. 07770 901190 

At Highland Accordions we pride ourselves in the quality of instruments we stock & the repair, service & advice we offer. Our new instruments are from Castelfidardo's finest manufactures that uphold the highest standards in design, innovation & construction, using only the finest Italian components & labour. Indeed we increase the specifications on many models to that of their flagship ranges, tailored especially for us to meet our clients needs. For those on a budget we offer pre-owned models from other companies, many of we which we rebuild to eliminate undesired characterestics associated with some budget ranges. We have the ability to dismantle and show you any of up to the 4,000 parts that make up an accordion and show you the advantages in some and also the failings in others.  We do not sell what we cannot rebuild, retune or repair. We do not offer commission to teachers or 3rd parties for recommending products we stock. We instead offer the best price & service directly to you the customer. Unlike many modern businesses we are not governed by margins, we are diven by a love of the instrument along the perfectionists relentless path, believing that the impossible may only be an inspiration away. 

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